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Tingyun is one of the few support characters available in Honkai Star Rail at the moment.

Similar to Asta, she primarily focuses on providing buffs, but the difference is that the buffs she provides are more tailored to a single character. This makes her quite popular in teams that revolve around a single carry or DPS character (hypercarry team).

Apart from her strength, like many support characters, building Tingyun is not difficult to achieve. Even with a budget-friendly build, she can already offer significant contributions.

Tingyun Splash Art

Best Light Cones

Getting her ultimate ready as soon as possible is your priority when using Tingyun, that’s why you should try to get light cone with energy regen effect. Other alternative is light cones with team wide buff.

Best Light Cones For Tingyun

Past and Future is your best F2P option. It’s have effect to increase damage for next ally, works well with Tingyun because she will have turn before main dps. You can get Past and Future from Forgotten Hall store.

  • But the Battle Isn’t Over: Increases the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 10/12/14/16/18% and regenerates 1 Skill Point when the wearer uses their Ultimate on an ally. This effect can be triggered after every 2 uses of the wearer’s Ultimate. When the wearer uses their Skill, the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 30/35/40/45/50% more DMG for 1 turn(s).
  • Dance! Dance! Dance!: When the wearer uses their Ultimate, all allies’ actions are Advanced Forward by 16/18/20/22/24%
  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds: At the start of the battle and whenever the wearer’s turn begins, one of the following effects is applied randomly: All allies’ ATK increases by 10/12.5/15/17.5/20%, all allies’ CRIT DMG increases by 12/15/18/21/24%, or all allies’ Energy Regeneration Rate increases by 6/7.5/9/10.5/12%. The applied effect cannot be identical to the last effect applied, and will replace the previous effect. The applied effect will be removed when the wearer has been knocked down. Effects of the similar type cannot be stacked.
  • Chorus: After entering battle, increases the ATK of all allies by 8/9/10/11/12%. Effects of the same type cannot stack.
  • Past and Future: When the wearer uses their Skill, then the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 16/20/24/28/32% increased DMG for 1 turn(s).
  • Memories of the Past: Increases the wearer’s Break Effect by 28/35/42/49/56%. When the wearer attacks, additionally regenerates 4/5/6/7/8 Energy. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Best Relic and Planar Ornaments

Since her role revolves around providing buffs through her Skill and Ultimate, Tingyun only requires Attack for stronger buff effects, along with Speed to ensure she consistently goes first and can grant buffs before other characters attack.

Fortunately, one of the most common Relics is already well-suited for these needs: Musketeer of Wild Wheat. If you are diligently doing 3 weekly boss, I’m sure you already have this relic in your inventory.

4 Musketeer of Wild Wheat(2) ATK increases by 12%.
(4) The wearer’s SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

For planar ornament you can use either Fleet of the Ageless or Space Sealing Station, both from Herta Simulated Universe, World 3.

Fleet of the Ageless(2) Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, all allies’ ATK increases by 8%.
Space Sealing Station(2) Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s ATK increases by an extra 12%.

As for stats and substats:

BodyFeetPlanar SphereLink Rope
ATK%Speed/ATK%ATK%Energy Regen Rate
Speed > ATK% > HP% > DEF%

Team for Tingyun?

Since Tingyun can only provide buffs to one character, it’s best to play her in a team that relies on a single carry or DPS character (hypercarry).

The choice of DPS character depends on your preference, whether it’s hypercarry Jing Yuan, Clara, or Seele. Honestly it’s recommended to bring tank and healer with Tingyun because somehow she’s always targeted by enemy first.

How to use Tingyun?

During battles, Tingyun should always use her Skill on the DPS character. After that, she can and should attack enemies in two turns.

This is because Tingyun has a passive that adds extra damage to her attacks after granting buffs to other characters. After two turns, refresh the same DPS character’s buff since the duration will expire.

For the Ultimate, use it as often as possible, especially if your DPS character’s Ultimate isn’t ready yet. Even if it is ready, you can have the DPS character use their Ultimate, then have Tingyun use her Ultimate to provide the DPS character with additional energy for their next Ultimate.

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