100+ Samachurl Locations and Farming Routes


Samachurls are small, magical creatures encountered in the enchanting world of Genshin Impact. With their distinctive masks and elemental powers, most of the time you will find them as leader of hilichurl camp. These mischievous beings come in all elemental variants: Anemo, Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro, Dendro, and Geo.

In battle, Samachurls showcase their abilities by casting elemental spells and blasting elemental attacks to the traveler. For example: anemo samachurl can summon tornadoes and vacuum fields, dendro able to summon vines which apply dendro, cryo will summon cryo spike in the ground, electro will summon thunderstrikes, Geo summon geo spikes, and so on.

Thats why you need different strategies to deal with them, unless you have shielder character like Zhongli then you can just random BS go and faceroll to hilichurl camp.

Defeating Samachurls rewards players with valuable resources called scrolls which have 3 rarity: Divining Scroll, Sealed Scroll, and Forbidden Curse Scroll. Besides scroll material, they can also drop common Hilichurl mask material.

Scroll Material From Samachurl

Finding Samachurls in the Wild

Finding hilichurl shaman isn’t so difficult, you can find them in most hilichurl camp in most region. They can be seen dancing and leading their band of hilichurl consisting of regular hilichurl mob, archer, and big hilichurl with shield and axe.

Preparing Team for Farming

You can farm with any team really, it’s just my personal recommendation for easier and faster Samachurl farming. You need to bring anemo character that can gather enemy and drop materials in one place: Sucrose or Kazuha. With them around, you can pick up scroll drop right away without running around and picking material one by one.

Second member is shield to protect your character during a fight. Zhongli is the best, but there’s some optional like Noelle, Thoma, Layla, Kirara, Xinyan, and Diona.

Samachurls Location and Routes


First location is Stormbearer Mountain in Mondstadt. There’s around 7 Samachurls in this area.

Samachurls In Stormbearer Mountains

Continue to Thousand Wind Temple where you can find 5 shaman with the last one in a coast near Windrise.

Samachurls In Thousand Wind Temple

Next is Wolvendom. Pretty straightforward route and you can jump from one waypoint to another for faster farming.

Samachurls In Wolvendom

Continue to 3 shaman in Brightcrown Canyon and a lot of Samachurls in Stormterror. The good news, most shaman in Stormterror Lair located pretty close to each other and some even gather in one location.

For high ground problem, try look around for Anemo statue to summon win current so you can just jump and fly from one location to another.

Samachurls In Stormteror Lair

After Stormterror Lair, next area is Northern part of Dragonspine. There’s so many Cryo Samachurl with Cryo based Hilichurl like Frostarm Lawachurl and Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl as bodyguard in Dragonspine area, so prepare your pyro dps for this one.

Samachurls In Northern Part Of Dragonspine

Continue to Southern part of Dragonspine with some part of Liyue.

Samachurls In Southern Part Of Dragonspine


For Samachurl location in Liyue, I will use detailed map and route from orangeade-EN from hoyolab forum. There’s 6 routes with total of 36 Samachurls in Liyue with all routes listed below:

Start from Mingyun Village, it’s continuation from last image of hilichurl shaman farming route in Mondstadt.

Samachurls In Mingyun Village

Continue to Dihua Marsh, area protected by adeptus Xiao. There’s 6 shaman in this area.

Samachurls In Dihua Marsh

Go south and we arrive in Guili Plains. There’s also 6 shamans in this location.

Samachurls In Guili Plains

Next is small isle in Guyun Stone Forest. You can get 4 shaman from this location.

Samachurls In Guyun Stone Forest

Next, head to teleport waypoint in Cuijue Slope then follow the route. You can get 6 Samachurl in this location.

Samachurls In Cuijue Slope

And the last area in Liyue is Mt Aocang and it’s surrounding with total of 8 Samachurl.

Samachurls In Mt. Aocang


Just Mondstadt and Liyue? YES. There’s more than 100+ Samachurls in Liyue and Mondstadt alone so I don’t think it’s necessary to cover farming route of Samachurls in Inazuma and Sumeru.

Just take this 100+ then come back tomorrow and farm again, don’t burn yourself out just to farm one materials. Good luck with your hilichurl shaman farming!

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