Early Northlander Polearm Billet for Festering Fang Quest in Genshin Impact


Northlander Polearm Billet is material required to craft 4 star polearm from 3 regions: Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma. Here’s 4 weapon available to craft with this billet:

  • Crescent Pike: Polearm with Physical DMG Bonus substats with passive to increase DMG for Normal and Charged Attack after active character picking up elemental orb. It’s must have if you are running some polearm physical build.
  • Prototype Starglitter: F2P friendly polearm with Energy Recharge substats, mainly used for support or alternative if player didn’t have Favonius Lance. This polearm have passive to increase Normal and Charged Attack after using elemental skill.
  • Dragonspine Spear: Kinda meme polearm since dragonspine release. This polearm have Physical DMG Bonus substats and passive to drop (chance) Everfrost Icicle after Normal and Charged attack hit.
  • Kitain Cross Spear: Polearm with Elemental Mastery which recipe obtainable from Orobashi Legacy quest in Yashiori Island, Inazuma.
Forging Dragonspine Spear With Northlander Polearm Billet
Forging Dragonspine Spear

Other than used for crafting weapon, Northlander polearm billet also required to complete quest called Festering Fang in Dragonspine. For quest summary, during your exploration in Dragonspine you might stumble upon material called Strange Tooth.

After getting this material, quest will started and by progressing your quest. You will require 1 piece of Northlander Polearm Billet. Many experienced players might find this easy, but for many new players who just starting Dragonspine exploration it might be a bit difficult to find this billet, or maybe you already used it up for other polearm.

In this article irvgame will show you some location where you can claim or buy northlander polearm billet, as follows:

Buy from Mingxing Jewelry in Liyue

MIngxing Jewelry Location In Liyue
MIngxing Jewelry Location In Liyue

Xingxi from Mingxing Jewelry in Liyue sell some of northlander billet: bow, catalyst, claymore, and polearm. Every billet can be purchased with 225 Geo Sigil which obtainable from exploration in Liyue. So far this is the easiest way to get polearm billet.

Frostbearing Tree Level 8 Reward in Dragonspine

Dragonspine Frostbearing Tree Level 8 Rewards

In Dragonspine there’s reward system called frostbearing tree. It’s part of dragonspine introduction quest so you won’t miss it. To get the billet, you need to explore Dragonspine and offer enough Crimson Agate to frostbearing tree. Keep offering and you will get this material as level 8 reward.

Spiral Abyss Floor 3 Chamber 3 First Time Reward

Spiral Abyss Chamber Bounty
Spiral Abyss Chamber Bounty

By clearing Floor 3 Chamber 3 of Spiral Abyss, you will get 1 polearm billet along with free Xiangling.

Weekly Boss in Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma

Drop Chance From Weekly Boss
Drop Chance From Weekly Boss

Defeating weekly bosses in 3 regions have small chance to drop polearm billet. So far we have 6 weekly bosses available as listed below:

  1. Stormterror Dvalin (Mondstadt)
  2. Wolf of North (Mondstadt)
  3. Childe (Liyue)
  4. Azdaha (Liyue)
  5. Signora (Inazuma)
  6. Raiden Shogun (Inazuma)

Reward from Level 24 Sacred Sakura’s Favor

This one isn’t so early considering it’s located far away in Inazuma, with level as high as 24. But I might as well just include this.

Sacred Sakura Favor Level 24

Northlander Billet Trove

Northlander Billet Trove

Only given as reward from event, and so far we only got it twice. So for this one just hope and pray.

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