Kitain Cross Spear – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Kitain Cross Spear is 4 star polearm with Elemental Mastery substats. This weapon can be obtained by forging, but you will need to do quest related to clearing thunderstorm in Yashiori Island.

After learning the blueprint, you need 1x Northlander Polearm Billet, 50x Amethyst Lump, and 50x White Iron Chunk to forge this polearm.

A special lance that was once used by a famed warrior who guarded the Venomous One on Yashiori Island.

Weapon TypePolearm
Rarity4 Star
Substats TypeElemental Mastery
PassiveSamurai Conduct
Kitain Cross Spear

Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 6/7.5/9/10.5/12%. After Elemental Skill hits an opponent, lose 3 Energy but regenerate 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 Energy every 2s for the next 6s. This effect can occur once every 10s. Can be triggered even when the character is not on the field.

Upgrade Materials

  • 150.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant x3, Mask of the Tiger’s Bite x9, Mask of the One-Horned x9, and Mask of the Kijin x4.
  • Common Material 1: Chaos Gear x15, Chaos Axis x18, and Chaos Oculus x27 dropped by Ruin Scout, Ruin Defender, Ruin Destroyer, and Ruin Cruiser..
  • Common Material 2: Treasure Hoarder Insignia x10, Silver Raven Insignia x15 and Golden Raven Insignia x18 dropped by Treasure Hoarders.

Who is Kitain Cross Spear Good For?

Kitain Cross Spear have Elemental Mastery substats and passive to increase elemental skill DMG and helping to restore some energy. Here’s some character that benefit from using this polearm: Yaoyao, Thoma, Xiangling, and Cyno.

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