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Honkai Star Rail is turn based game with Honkai Impact 3rd graphic created by Hoyoverse. Just like it’s sister game, this game also have “kind of” explorable open world with so many secret, achievement, interesting quest, easter egg, and story.

Honkai Star Rail also have some easter egg referencing to other Hoyoverse game like Wind Glider from Genshin Impact and shard of Himeko sword from Honkai Impact 3rd (playing Nightglow in the background).

Daily Activities

When progressing in this game, one of your best source to get materials, exp, and resources is daily quest. There’s so many things to do whether it’s improving characters, light cones, talent, or completing event time limited event.

Your daily activities in Honkai Star Rail revolves around completing daily and weekly task and improving your overall character performance and this will help you progress for harder content and preparing for upcoming content.

The goal of this guide is to show you what daily activity that you can do in the game, call it routine and hopefully it won’t burn you up in the game.

Daily Training

Honkai Star Rail Daily Training

First thing to daily is completing daily quest or daily training. There’s some task available and you only need to complete some to fill 500 daily training point. The good thing is, most of the time player will get super easy quest like level up relic 1 time, taking photo, salvage relic, run calyx 1 time, destroy object 3 times, etc.

Other than reward for completing the individual task, you will get additional rewards when claiming daily task: Traiblaze EXP, Stellar Jade, Credits, Lost Gold Fragment, and Adventure Logs.

Daily quest are not available right away after you start the game. You will need to progress your story until reaching Jarilo VI region.


Honkai Star Rail Daily Assignments

Daily Assignment is equivalent of expedition in Genshin Impact. It’s passive activity where you send some characters in search of some materials available in the game, ranging from 4 to 20 hours.

It’s recommended to always take 20 hour options since most of the time you will forgot about this assignment anyway and later will be reminded by Nameless Honor daily task completion mark.

From assignment tasks you can get synthesis materials, exp materials, credits, and character materials which helps a lot during your character progression especially for early game.

Spending Trailblazer Power

Spending Trailblaze Power On Calyx

Traiblaze power is limited currency that player can use to claim rewards when completing domain/calyx and defeating weekly boss. Player have trailblazer power capped at 180 and this currency recovered every 6 minutes = 10 per hour.

Spend your trailblaze power daily and if possible avoid to reach 180 before use because it will stop recover after reaching 180. Use your trailblaze power wisely and make sure to check your daily training first just in case there’s task with requirement co claim reward with trailblaze power.

You can use trailblaze power to obtain materials for characters, light cones, talents and trace, and claiming reward from relics domain.

Material Farming

Necessary materials for your progression is not locked by domain or defeating boss which requires trailblaze power to claim. You can runing around in any region and defeating enemy to gain so many materials for your progression: synthesis materials, credit, and regular material for upgrade.

Nameless Honor Daily

Nameless Honor Daily

Completing nameless honor or battle pass will be the last thing you check before logging out from the game. There’s 4 task available in if you’ve already doing all previous activity, most of the time you already clear daily nameless honor task.

Here’s all 4 daily task in nameless honor:

  • Log in to the game
  • Reach 500 on Daily Training Activity
  • Consume 150 Trailblaze Power
  • Dispatch 1 assignments

Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities are special activities you can complete once every Week. These are also quite important for your overall progress and help you to unlock more rewards.

Echo of War 3x

Weekly Echo Of War

Every week you can defeat weekly bosses for trace and talent upgrade materials. Other than talent up materials, there’s also chance to get 4 star light cone or fragment to buy light cone in forgotten halls.

We are still in early game so not many weekly boss available. So far we only have 2 bosses for echo of war: Destruction’s Beginning with Doomsday Beast as boss which drop Destroyers Final Road material and End of the Eternal Freeze with Cocolia as boss which drop Guardians Lament material.

You have chance to run Echo of War 3 times per week, costs 30 trailblaze power to run. Always make sure to used up all your chance before weekly reset.

Nameless Honor Weekly

Nameless Honor Weekly Missions

It’s weekly version of nameless honor daily, completing various task to obtain reward from battle pass or nameless honor with weekly exp capped at 8000 until you’ve reached level 50.

Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe Weekly Points

Simulated universe is dungeon simulations located in Herta Office. It’s dungeon where you can farm Planar Ornament relics, and while farming you will also gain points. After accumulating certain set of points, player will receive variery of rewards such as Credit, Stellar Jade, Lost Gold Fragments, Herta Bond, Star Rail Pass, and Tracks of Destiny.

When a player’s Equilibrium Level (world level) increases, a players points tier will also increase. This increases the amount of rewards a player will receive.

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