The Wanderer Materials for Ascension and Talents


Scaramouche who later will be released with new name, The Wanderer has been around since Genshin Impact update 1.1. Since then he’s been appear in Inazuma main quest, and continue to Sumeru main quest as major antagonist.

Scaramouche or The Wanderer as playable character with be released with Anemo vision, different from most of player who expect him to be electro vision user. He hail from Inazuma the land of electro, and his previous outfit literally scream ELECTRO!

Scaramouche First Appearance During A New Star Approaches Event
Scaramouche first appearance during A New Star Approaches event

His new appearance as The Wanderer, catalyst user with dead friend anemo vision:

Scaramouche The Wanderer With Anemo Vision
Scaramouche/The Wanderer with Anemo Vision

Preparing Materials for The Wanderer

Normally, new 5 star character always appear in the first banner of released patch. Since he and Faruzan is speculated to appear with Genshin Impact 3.3 update, we still have about 2 weeks to prepare all materials required for The Wanderer Ascension and Talent Up.

Here’s all materials required for The Wanderer to ascend, level up characters, and his talent:

The Wanderer Ascension Materials

Listed below is all materials required to ascend and level him up from level 1 to level 90 (maxed):

  • Rukkhashava Mushrooms x168: Local specialty of Sumeru, can be found mostly in a place with no sunlight like underground cave, thick rainforest, etc.
Rukkhashava Mushrooms
  • Perpetual Caliber x46: Boss material dropped from Aeonblight Drakes. Another machine boss hidden in underground of Devantaka Mountain, near giant Ruin Guard.
Perpetual Caliber
  • Anemo elemental gemstones : Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x1, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x9, Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x9, and Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x6
  • Old Handguard x18, Kageuchi Handguard x30, and Famed Handguard x36: Common materials dropped from Nobushi and Kairagi enemy in Inazuma.
  • Total mora for ascension: 420.000 mora.
  • Exp books: hero’s wit x414, Adventure Ex x13, and Wanderer Advice x16. Obtainable from event, chest, and blue leyline outcrop
  • Total mora for level up with exp books: 1.672.000 mora

The Wanderer Talent Materials

Listed below is materials used to level up The Wanderer talent from level 1 to 10. 3 more levels can be gained by unlocking certain constellation.

  • Teaching of Praxis x9: Brown talent books, used to level up from level 1 to 2 in 3 talents.
  • Guide to Praxis x63: Grey talent books, used to level up from level 2 up to 6 in 3 talents.
  • Philosopies of Praxis x114: Yellow talent books, used to level up from level 6 to 10 in 3 talents.
  • Daka’s Bell x18: Boss material obtainable from Scaramouche Boss in Sumeru. Each talent require 6 boss materials.
Dakas Bell
  • Old Handguard x18, Kageuchi Handguard x66, and Famed Handguard x93: Common materials dropped from Nobushi and Kairagi enemy in Inazuma.
  • Crown of insight x3: Talent materials required to upgrade talent from level 9 to 10, only obtainable from certain in game event and some level upgrade location reward (Tree of Dreams, Dragonspine Tree, etc)
Crown Of Insight
  • Total mora 4.957.500: Used to upgrade all talents from level 1 to 10, each talent require 1.652.500 mora.

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