Solar Pearl – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Solar Pearl is 4 star catalyst with CRIT Rate substats. This weapon can be obtained from premium battle pass level 30 and can be use by dps or burst support character.

A dull, golden pearl made of an unknown substance that harbors the light of the sun and the moon, and pulses with a warm strength.

Weapon TypeCatalyst
Rarity4 Star
Substats TypeCRIT Rate
PassiveSolar Shine
Solar Pearl

Normal Attack hits increase Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG by 20/25/30/35/40% for 6s. Likewise, Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst hits increase Normal Attack DMG by 20/25/30/35/40% for 6s.

Upgrade Materials

  • 150.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Luminous Sands from Guyun x3, Lustrous Stone from Guyun x9, Relic from Guyun x9, and Divine Body from Guyun x4 from Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula in Liyue.
  • Common Material 1: Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife x15, Agent’s Sacrificial Knife x18, and Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife x27 dropped by Fatui Pyro Agents.
  • Common Material 2: Whopperflower Nectar x10, Shimmering Nectar x15 and Energy Nectar x18 dropped by all elemental type of Whopperflowers.

Who is Solar Pearl Good For?

Solar Pearl have CRIT Rate substats and passive to increase both Normal ATK and Elemental Burst Skill DMG, very good catalyst to have for your dps character.

You can use this catalyst for following characters: Ningguang, Mona, Lisa, Klee, Yanfei, Shikanoin Heizou, Yae Miko, and Wanderer.

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