Kafka is member of the Stellaron Hunters. A dashing, collected, and professional beauty. Used hypnosis to set up Trailbrazer to […]

Bronya is heir apparent to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog. She possesses pride befitting of a princess, but also the […]

Pela is secretarial officer for the Silvermane Guards. She has a serious personality and is revered by other members of […]

Natasha is a doctor from the Underworld and a caregiver of children. Alongside her kindness and caring, she also has […]

Serval is Belobog mechanic who used to be a researcher for the Technology Division of the Architects. As Gepard Landau’s […]

Hook is a boss (self-proclaimed) of an Underworld adventure squad, The Moles. She loves freedom and sees life as a […]

Himeko is the one who repaired the Astral Express. To witness the vast starry sky, she decided to travel with […]

Sampo is a merchant who freely travels between the Overworld and the Underworld. He acts like he is everyone’s friend, […]

Welt is seasoned member of the Express Crew. The passion buried in his heart burns anew as he enjoys this […]