Festering Desire – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Festering Desire is 4 star sword with Energy Recharge substats. This sword is first sword obtainable from event, and it’s only obtainable from past event related to Dragonspine release.

A creepy straight sword that almost seems to yearn for life. It drips with a shriveling venom that could even corrupt a mighty dragon.

Weapon TypeSword
Rarity4 Star
Substats TypeEnergy Recharge
PassiveUndying Admiration
Festering Desire

Increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16/20/24/28/32%, and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 6/7,5/9/10,5/12%.

Upgrade Materials

  • 150.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator x3, Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator x9, Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator x9, and Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator x4 from Cecilia Garden in Mondstadt.
  • Common Material 1: Heavy Horn x15, Black Bronze Horn x18, and Black Crystal Horn x27 dropped by Mitachurls and Lawachurls.
  • Common Material 2: Recruit’s Insignia x10, Sergeant’s Insignia x15 and Lieutenant’s Insignia x18 dropped by all type of Fatui enemy.

Who is Festering Desire Good For?

Festering Desire have Energy Recharge substats and passive to increase Elemental Skill DMG and CRIT Rate. This weapon used mostly by support, though there’s some dps that can use it like Jean and Nilou.

Here’s all characters that can use this Festering Desire: Dendro Traveler, Layla, Kazuha, Xingqiu, Kamisato Ayaka, Bennett, Kaeya, Nilou, and Jean.

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