Key of Khaj Nisut – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Key of Khaj Nisut is 5 star sword with HP substats. This weapon is Nilou signature weapon, increasing both her HP and Elemental Mastery for bloom team.

Key of Khaj Nisut – One of a paired set of scepters fashioned from obsidian. They say that this can be used as a key to open the gate to a paradise that lies at the end of the ocean of sand.

Weapon TypeSword
Rarity5 Star
Substats TypeHP
PassiveSunken Song of the Sands
Key Of Khaj Nisut

HP increased by 20/25/30/35/40%. When an Elemental Skill hits opponents, you gain the Grand Hymn effect for 20s. This effect increases the equipping character’s Elemental Mastery by 0.12/0.15/0.18/0.21/0.24% of their Max HP. This effect can trigger once every 0.3s. Max 3 stacks. When this effect gains 3 stacks, or when the third stack’s duration is refreshed, the Elemental Mastery of all nearby party members will be increased by 0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4% of the equipping character’s max HP for 20s.

Upgrade Materials

  • 225.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew x5, Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew x14, Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew x14, and Golden Talisman of the Forest Dew x6 from Tower of Abject Pride in Sumeru.
  • Common Material 1: Damaged Prism x23, Turbid Prism x27, and Radiant Prism x41 dropped by Primal Construct in The Great Red Desert, Sumeru.
  • Common Material 2: Faded Red Satin x15, Trimmed Red Silk x23 and Rich Red Brocade x27 dropped by Eremites enemy in Sumeru.

Who is Key of Khaj Nisut Good For?

Key of Khaj Nisut have HP substats and passive to increase Elemental Mastery based on Max HP. Due to it’s HP and EM specific stats, not many characters can use this weapon. So far we only have 3 characters that can use this weapon: Nilou, Kuki Shinobu, and Kirara.

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