Fruit of Fulfillment – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Fruit of Fulfillment is 4 star catalyst with Energy Recharge substats. This weapon is craftable catalyst from the land of dendro, can be used for support character in dendro team.

To forge this bow, you will need 1x Midlander Catalyst Billet, 50x Crystal Chunk, and 50x White Iron Chunk.

A fruit you obtained from an Aranara tale. It holds the potential to conquer any crisis.

Weapon TypeCatalyst
Rarity4 Star
Substats TypeEnergy Recharge
PassiveFull Circle
Fruit Of Fulfillment

Obtain the “Wax and Wane” effect after an Elemental Reaction is triggered, gaining 24/27/30/33/36 Elemental Mastery while losing 5% ATK. For every 0.3s, 1 stack of Wax and Wane can be gained. Max 5 stacks. For every 6s that go by without an Elemental Reaction being triggered, 1 stack will be lost. This effect can be triggered even when the character is off-field.

Upgrade Materials

  • 150.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Oasis Garden’s Reminiscence x3, Oasis Garden’s Kindness x9, Oasis Garden’s Mourning x9, and Oasis Garden’s Truth x4 from Tower of Abject Pride in Sumeru.
  • Common Material 1: Gloomy Statuette x15, Dark Statuette x18, and Deathly Statuette x27 dropped by Black Serpent Knights, Abyss Lector/Herald, and Shadowy Husk.
  • Common Material 2: Fungal Spores x10, Luminescent Pollen x15 and Crystalline Cyst Dust x18 dropped by All elemental type of Fungi which can be found in Sumeru and some part of Chasm Underground.

Who is Fruit of Fulfillment Good For?

Fruit of Fullfillment have Energy Recharge substats and passive to increase Elemental Mastery in exchange of ATK. Because of this, only use this weapon who didn’t rely much on ATK like EM Barbara and EM Lisa.

Even so, some of that characters better off using other weapon. Skip this weapon, there’s a lot of options available that better than Fruit of Fullfillment.

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