Aquila Favonia – Materials, Effect, and Best Characters


Aquila Favonia is 5 star sword with Physical DMG Bonus substats. It’s obtainable from standard banner and have the highest base ATK out of all swords available in the game.

The soul of the Knights of Favonius. Millennia later, it still calls on the winds of swift justice to vanquish all evil—just like the last heroine who wielded it.

Weapon TypeSword
Rarity5 Star
Substats TypePhysical DMG Bonus
PassiveFalcon’s Defiance
Aquila Favonia

ATK is increased by 20/25/30/35/40%. Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of the resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100/115/130/145/160% of ATK and dealing 200/230/260/290/320% of ATK as DMG to surrounding opponents. This effect can only occur once every 15s.

Upgrade Materials

  • 225.000 mora.
  • Weapon Ascension material: Tile of Decarabian’s Tower x5, Debris of Decarabian’s City x14, Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic x14, and Scattered Piece of Decarabian’s Dream x6 from Cecilia Garden in Mondstadt.
  • Common Material 1: Heavy Horn x23, Black Bronze Horn x27, and Black Crystal Horn x41 dropped by Mitachurls and Lawachurls.
  • Common Material 2: Firm Arrowhead x15, Sharp Arrowhead x23 and Weathered Arrowhead x27 dropped by hilichurls shooter/archer.

Who is Aquila Favonia Good For?

Aquila Favonia have Physical DMG Bonus substats and have the highest base ATK among all swords in Genshin Impact. It’s recommended to use for character with physical build like Jean and Keqing, and it’s high base ATK useful to increase Bennet ATK buff from his elemental burst.

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