Synchro Device – How to Raise NIKKE Beyond 80 Without Limit Break

Synchro Device – Limit break, uncap, ascension, or whatever you want to call it is pretty common system in any game. For gacha games, limit break means character will be capped in certain level until player bypass and upgrade it with required materials.

As for Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, all characters capped at level 80 and if you want to level it up beyond 80 you will need spare body or duplicate of that character. Since it’s gacha games, getting duplicate SSR characters is difficult unless you are very lucky or don’t mind to spend some money for gacha.

SSR NIKKE Without Dupes Capped at 80
SSR NIKKE Without Dupes Capped at 80

Imagine, getting Pilgrim character like Scarlet and Rapunzel is already difficult, now you need more copies in order to level them up beyond 80!

Luckily, Shift Up as NIKKE developer provide us with some alternative for this. You can level your character up using feature available in Outpost, called Synchro Device.

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What is Synchro Device?

Accesible via Outpost, it’s feature that will synchroinze your character level to your top 5 highest leveled character in your account. Your synchronized character level depend on your lowest level character from that top 5.

  • N102, Anis, Neon, Rapi, and Delta is my leveled up character. All SRs already have spare body capped.
  • Characters slot under Synchro Level is non leveled up character with limited or no spare body. Their level will synchronized with lowest level character from top 5. In screenshot below, synchronized character have same level as Delta: 95.
NIKKE Synchro Device
NIKKE Synchro Device

How to Use Synchro Device in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE?

  1. Check all of your SRs character and limit break them with available spare body. NIKKE is pretty generous with SR gacha so I can guarantee that most of your SRs have spare body, even capped.
  2. Level up your 5 chosen SRs character. For example, in my case I leveled up N102, Neon, Anis, Rapi, and Delta. Don’t worry about materials, you can reset your character only for 10 diamond, cheap!
  3. Put SSRs that you want to level up beyond 80 in available slot. Initially, you have 5 slot available. Upgrading your outpost, study, and build using relic from stages will provide more slots later on. OR, not recommended but you can unlock more slots using diamond.
  4. Plan your level up carefully, since it’s early game and we have limited resource. I even level up my SRs character in Synchro Device up by one level everytime I have enough resource. Slow yes, but it works!
  5. Removing character from Synchro Device slot will put the current slot to 4 hours cooldown so make sure to plan your use of Synchro Device properly.