Blue Archive Akeboshi Himari Cosplay by @高兴Henli

Akeboshi Himari Cosplay – Blue Archive is a popular mobile game that has gained a following for its unique characters and storyline. I can’t really say which character is the most popular since every character have it’s own fanbase.

Today I want to share blue archive cosplay that I’ve found in weibo. The character is Akeboshi Himari, self-proclaimed super genius and sickly beautiful girl hacker from Millennium Academy. She rides a wheelchair due to being handicapped.

Blue Archive Himari

Cosplay presented by @高兴Henli, you can find source in the end of this gallery:


Blue Archive Himari Cosplay portrait mode, you can use it as wallpaper for your phone


Blue Archive Himari Cosplay landscape mode, you can use it as wallpaper for your desktop