Best Emulator to Play NIKKE Android Game: LDPlayer 9

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is new game released just 2 days ago in Google Play Store. With so many alluring character and interesting gameplay, this game has been hyped since 2020 and receive quite good reviews after release with the exception from people who refuse to read about release date.

In GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE you will play as The Commander leading your band of Nikkes to fight enemy called Ruptures in the surface. Collect more NIKKEs, upgrade and strengthen them, and conquer Ruptures in main quest, tribe tower, etc.

Download Emulator for GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE?

Download LDPlayer 9 to play NIKKE
Download LDPlayer 9 to play NIKKE

After NIKKE confirmed it’s release and available as pre download in google play store, I hurried up and downloading this game in emulator.

I’ve tried some emulators but for now only 1 emulator work without problem: LDPlayer 9, you can go to official page and download this emulator theough this link:

Remember to download LDP 9 and not LDP 4!

How about Nox, Bluestack, etc?

Q:How about other emulator, especially popular one like Bluestack and Nox?

A: I’ve tried both emulator above + LDPlayer64 before trying LDPlayer 9. Got no problem with installing and downloading data up to 2.5GB (2.75GB total), but NIKKE always crashed when it’s reached audio file download (last 200-300MB download). All of them: Bluestack5 Nougat 64, Nox 64, and LDPlayer64.

For information, all previous emulators using 64bit with 2 cores and 4-6GB ram.

So yeah, only LDPlayer 9 works for me, for now.

Playing NIKKE With Landscape Mode in LDPLayer 9?

Playing NIKKE in Landscape Mode
Playing NIKKE in Landscape Mode

Portrait mode game is not for everyone especially with the age of wide screen and landscape gaming. If you are using LDPLayer 9 and want to use Landscape Mode, you can try using Lock Landscape feature in Settings:

For mobile phone, you can use android apps called rotation control, rotation manager, etc. There’s so many apps available for this, try search in google play store.