It’s here! NIKKE PC Client Available for Download

Requirement for NIKKE Desktop client has been announced few days ago in NIKKE official facebook page. It’s a good news, but honestly I was expecting 1 or 2 month aways until it’s released.

But NO, it’s here! It’s ready to download and use immidiately. You can download NIKKE desktop client in official site via link below:

Download NIKKE Desktop Client
Download NIKKE Desktop Client

After getting it’s installer exe, Install the client (around 372MB download) then you can login and launch your game. After that you need to download around 4GB data before playing this game.

Just a bit information, NIKKE Launcher looks a lot like Tower of Fantasy launcher, then I remember that both game have same publisher: Level Infinite.

NIKKE PC Launcher
NIKKE PC Launcher

My first impression when loading the game: It’s fast, really fast and really smooth. At least compared to bad laggy experience in LDPlayer emulator.

Don’t get me wrong, LDPlayer helps a lot and early release was good experience. But update after update make the game lot buggy and more lags, so in past few weeks I’m only logging in to claim my daily outpost defense and sending friendship points, skipping most dailies.

NIKKE PC Fullscreen

You can set whether you want to play in windowed mode or fullscreen in Settings > Graphics > Screen Mode.

NIKKE Dekstop Full Screen Settings
NIKKE Dekstop Full Screen Settings

Review Update After 2 Days of Using NIKKE Desktop Client

After 2 days using this version of NIKKE, I can say that this is straight up ported from mobile without features “required for desktop”. It’s smooth whether it’s for loading screen or skill execution, and I love it.

But it missed some simple menu like screen mode: You only can choose between window and fullscreen, and even window version isn’t customizable, i was expecting some choice of resolution like 1920×1080, 1280×720, etc. Window mode will fill like 3/4 of your screen so the only logical solution will be using fullscreen mode.

Even this fullscreen thingy isn’t all optimized. Let’s say you open and play once with fullscreen mode, then exiting launcher. Later when you play again, screen settings will still appear as fullscreen but you will have window mode. Your solution for this will be switch back to window mode in settings, save, then switch back to fullscreen and voila.

Other thing I found annoying is there’s no exit button. For example, Tower of Fantasy come from same developer. You can exit the game by pressing menu Settings > Exit, done. But not in Nikke, your choice will be using Alt+F4, switch to window then click on close button, and press window then close NIKKE from taskbar.

Other than 2 “problem”, the whole game is amazing. Considering this whole lot improvement and it’s still early version of desktop, I have high hopes.