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Momoka Featured

Kirara: Leaked Geo Sword Nekomata in Genshin Impact

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In last few days, Genshin Impact community has been hearing new leaks regarding new upcoming character in Genshin Impact. Starting from only from “cat girl with geo vision from Inazuma”, to 2 blurry images showing her appearance, to her full images.

And no, it’s not about upcoming 3.6. For upcoming patch, with Genshin Impact reveal in twitter it’s been more or less confirmed that Baizhu and Kaveh will appear as new character though it’s not decided whether they will appear in first or second phase. Let’s wait for 3.6 live announcement for that.

What irvgame want to talk about is leaks about new character from Inazuma. Her name is Kirara, and she will wield a sword as weapon with Dendro vision.

Character NameKirara

Based on leaks from facebook, her appearance will be like this:

Momoka New Character Leaks

Based on her appearance, we can take conclusion that she’s have beastblood running in her veins like Diona or Gorou. She have 2 tails which coming from Nekomata myth in japan about mystical cat with 2 tails.

And look at her foot, it’s PAW. . SO CUTE!

Momoka Skillset and Gameplay Summary?

More revised and updated leaks regarding Kirara. Previously known as Momoka, turned out Momoka is her data file name while her game name is Kirara. Her vision is Dendro, revised from previously Geo. And for her gameplay, she is still shielder with tap and hold options just like Zhongli

There’s something related to “improve wall climbing”, most likely it’s climbing stamina reduction passive just like Xiao. As for her burst, shw will summon Giant Cat Head that will delover Dendro AoE to opponents.

I read it from somewhere so it’s not from the same source, it’s said that Kirara is part of Shuumatsuban under guidance of Momoka (currently missing in action).

So far that’s all information we got regarding Momoka Leaks. Since her full character preview already leaked, I’m sure more leaks about her will appear in a matter of weeks. When it happen, I will add the new information here.

Personally I’m excited that we are getting new waifu character considering last few new character is husbando (Mika, Baizhu, Kaveh). She is Nekomata, legendary yokai from Japan which fit with region where she will hailing from, Inazuma.

Let’s just hope Hoyoverse didn’t butcher her skillset like Dehya previously released character.