Focalors Design Leaked, Hydro Archon of Fountaine

With Genshin Impact 3.2, Genshin Impact finally reached the end of Sumeru Archon Quest. Knowing Hoyoverse pattern, we won’t get Fountain of land of Hydro update until 5-7 more patch.

The thing is, in the end of Sumeru archon quest traveler already talk to Nahida and she told us about what she know about Focalors, God of Justice and hydro archon of Fountain. Nahida said that while she doesn’t directly preside over trials, she is still present and has the right to influence the final verdict.

Meanwhile, in past event: Wishful Drops it’s confirmed that Rhodeia of Loch, hydro field boss in Liyue is in fact Lochfolk. She and her fellow lochfolk sent across Teyvat and act as spy for Hydro Archon. But currently Rhodeia didn’t acknowledge current hydro archon, Focalors and have cut ties from Fountaine.

Focalors Design Leaked?

Focalors design already leaked in past few days although it’s only one image. If you play Honkai Impact 3rd, you might take conclusion that Focalors design looks a like Seele of Honkai Impact, but grown up version.

It’s possible considering Hoyoverse didn’t shy on using Honkai character design for Genshin. Starting from Venti is based on Wendy, Raiden Shogun based on Raiden Mei, Nahida based on Theresa Apocalypse, etc.